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Seven songs I wrote from August to December about weekends I spent as a teenager that I wanted to share with the world.


released January 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Pinball House Florida

My name is Scotty and I'm 23. I hope you like what you hear. (I no longer write under Pinball House but you can still download everything for free.)

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Track Name: Soluble
I've been losing sleep since you drove away in sequence. The key turns, the wheels spin, I'm hurt. Where did you go? Off for someone else that hung around for longer than me. And I'm so sorry that I couldn't stay for a long period of time. But you know that I would wait around my whole life to help you feel right.
Track Name: Half Asleep
I feel tired all the time when I think of my life. Would you like to try to be a part of it sometime? Stay right here if you need to. I won't say a thing if you don't either. Just stare until we're wide awake or fast asleep or somewhere in between. 'Cause you know that I'm hoping for someone to walk through the door that changes everything. Stay right here if you need to. I won't say a thing if you don't either.
Track Name: Monopoly
Hey I've been wondering when we'll go on that date we've been planning for months and I've been saving my time and I just wanna know if you were being serious or just messing with me like my other girlfriends I've had. 'Cause I'm used to it. That's so sad ain't it? I could give two shits if it's granted.

'Cause you know me for everything I am and the friends I have could never understand where I stand. Here alone all by myself in the living room. Your parents are gone and you smile. You know that I've never been here before. Oh I've been so far from you and I know that it's true, what you wanna do. But is it wrong to do what you wanna do?

It might be a good idea first but I know what's better. Do you have any board games? So I can act more bored than I do sane. And I don't care how frisky you are. I just put 20 dollars in my car to come here to talk and all you wanna do is things you do with every boyfriend.
Track Name: Camellia
Hey you look your best in all black and a pair of Doc Martens. And well I've been thinkin' let's go out sometime so you can wear them. We've been inside of the house all week and I want the world to see just what you do to me. And it seems I'm in a dream. Someone wake me up please. I've been sleeping for weeks 'cause there's no way you're real to me.

I think I got so lucky. How could this be? I've been underneath a Christmas tree lately just waiting for you to unwrap yourself and bloom. And won't you, won't you bloom for me? It's almost Spring. Put on those boots and we will see what the world wants us to see.
Track Name: Two Paragraphs
It's a matter of fact I'm here. Just waiting for a moment to actually disappear. And I don't have a reason for all the things I do. But I have tons of reasons to fall in love with you. Wanna hear them? 'Cause you never wake up mad and you never ever ever try too hard to impress my mother.

And I think it's that fact that keeps me awake. And I have been so lost before in my life. But you found me sitting out and oh my god you're right about these things that keep me up. They're not right. But you're so right with your clothes and your iPhone.
Track Name: Stupid Boy
Hey did you think I would walk right out of this place without saying anything? You were wrong for once and I guess that it's a good thing 'cause I've always been wrong. And how does it feel to be that one person that's always done what everyone frowned upon. Well I've done some things that I regret and I've kissed some girls that I never slept with. And I think that's alright. 'Cause they were so nice but I knew what was right. And a lunch date could not suffice what I thought of them. I guess I needed some time then. Like you do when I've been so far away.
Track Name: Unmade Beds
You look at me and I start to lose control. Kiss me hard before you go. Waited my whole life to touch gold. Things you do put me on hold.

I can't answer the phone right now.
I'm busy. Sorry.
Leave a message on my machine.

Put my jacket on it's freezing. Don't know where to go but you're here with me. Now I won't ever sleep alone. Mold my body from the bone.

I can't answer the phone right now.
I'm busy. Sorry.
Leave a message on my machine.